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This discussion forum has been online since 1993 under a succession of names and platforms, but always with the same core group of users and contributors, including Marsha Ewing of InstantKarma fame. We share focused info on Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, John Lennon, family and acquaintances, art and Art, Politics and Networks.

Archived posts from the Domeus years are still online, but for the immediate future are closed to the public, unless by special requests.

Now run and moderated from Montreal by Richard Joly.

I used to run onoweb ( http://www.jeclique.com/onoweb ) but family cicumstances forced me to stop updating it a few years back.

Some additional background info:
Loco for Yoko Ono2005

”You should look into Onoweb, you should look into Onoweb.”1999



  1. Dear Onovox friends,
    Thanks to Miki’s comment a few weeks ago via the Onovox list then, I learned about the Berlin concert of the Plastic Ono Band on the eve of Yoko’s 80th birthday. Sunday evening 17th Feb, I will be at the Rosa Luxemburg Park theater in Berlin. Hope that others will be there, too, as I would like to meet you (all). I will arrive early Sunday afternoon by train from Amsterdam, and will leave Monday afternoon. I booked a simple hotel in the close vicinity of the venue, to get the most of this unique event. Looking forward to a once-in-a-lifetime birthday party with Yoko, Sean, and and…
    Freed Schmitter

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