Regarding the real : cinema, documentary, and the visual arts

Regarding the real : cinema, documentary, and the visual arts

Author: Des O’Rawe

Des O’Rawe teaches Film Studies in the School of Creative Arts, Queen’s University of Belfast

Publisher: Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016.

Regarding the real develops an original approach to documentary film, focusing on its aesthetic relations to visual arts such as animation, assemblage, photography, painting and architecture. Throughout, the book considers the work of figures whose preferred film language is associative and fragmentary, and for whom the documentary is an endlessly open form; an unstable expressive phenomenon that cannot help but interrogate its own narratives and intentions. Combining close analysis with cultural history, the book re-assesses the influence of the modern arts in subverting structures of realism typically associated with the documentary. In the course of its discussion, it charts a fascinating path that leads from Len Lye to Hiroshi Teshigahara, and includes along the way figures such as Joseph Cornell, Johan van der Keuken, William Klein, Jean-Luc Godard, Jonas Mekas and Raymond Depardon

Includes a chapter titled : Journey to Central Park

Author: Des ORawe

This chapter compares two documentary treatments of the 1980 Central Park vigil for John Lennon: Jonas Mekas Happy Birthday to John (1995), and Raymond Depardon’s Ten Minutes Silence for John Lennon (1980). Mekas and Depardon might seem an improbable combination but as the chapter shows, there are affinities, if not direct points of convergence, in their outlook and method: both sensibilities have been shaped by migrant experiences, and much of their work, for all its formal and structural differences, is preoccupied with exile and displacement, rootedness and the meaning of home; the country and the city; both are Europeans who have developed a distinctive artistic relationship with New York City; both are concerned with the place of autobiography in their work, using captions, inter-titles, diary entries, photographs, and 1st person commentary to complicate relations between the imaginary and the documentary.

Book info:

1 Suspended animation
2 Somewhere in the city
3 Questioning the frame
4 Eclectic dialectics
5 One plus one (p.m.)
6 Journey to Central Park
7 Architectures of vision

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-7190-9966-3
Pages: 208
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Price: £60.00

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