Boy George ft. Sinead O’Connor – Death of Samantha

If you havent already found it yet, George has set up a alternative Soundcloud page, under his age-old pseudonym Angela Gina Dust.

On there are already treats such as an acoustic version of Somebody To Love Me with all vocals by George, two new dance tracks one featuring Shay D entitled Kiss The DJ and another called Free Your Mind with George on vocals.

There is also a demo version of a track by Brando called Learning To Love. Brando is a band that George has taken under his wing and has been working with and producing tracks for them for quite some time.

The majorly exciting and curious news is that George has chosen to release his brilliant re-working dub mix of the This Is What I Do album entitled This Is What I Dub on Soundcloud too.

Of course, through the wonders of technology and Soundclouds sharing feature you can hear them all below!

(Death of Dub Mix) from This is What I Dub

Yoko Ono cover

Georges dub re-working of the This Is What I Do album including guest artists ands new songs.

Full album.


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