international women day // Kumamiki plays Yoko Ono

Article in French:

The project on Youtube.

Ajoutée le 2 mars 2016

100 years of Incredible Women spotlights women from the past 100 years who have overcome great odds to find their voice. These 7 YouTube creators have come together from around the world to celebrate their stories.

This project is part of a special YouTube initiative to spotlight and empower female creators in 2016. Our goal is to support the creation of female-driven content and inspire women to make more videos for YouTube ultimately, to help create a world where everyones voice can be heard.

Weve come a long way but we still have a long way to go. Who inspires you?

The 7 creators are (in alphabetical order):

Anna Akana plays Katherine Hepburn:

Em Ford plays Marilyn Monroe

GloZell plays Madam C.J. Walker

JoutJout plays Pagu…

Kumamiki plays Yoko Ono

Lex Fleming plays Amelia Earhart

Nilam Farooq plays Frida Kahlo


Research: Think Eva team
Consultants: Caroline Heldman, Madeline Di Nonno and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media
Fashion historian: Karolina ebrowska (Domowa Kostiumologia)

Filmed at YouTube Space LA

For more information, visit
Learn. Connect. Create.

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