prière de toucher ( please touch exhibit)

Choice quote:

‘Auf der Brust von Yoko Ono hockt 1971 nur gerade eine Fliege am Körper von Jeroen Eisinga klebt 2010 ein ganzer Bienenschwarm. "

On the body of Yoko Ono, is only one fly… on Jeroen Eisinga ‘s we find a complete bee swarm

Prière de toucher. Der Tastsinn der Kunst. Museum Tinguely, Basel. Bis 16. Mai 2016. Katalog in Vorbereitung.

"The theme of ‘being touched’ is also a subject in other video works. Yoko Ono’s Fly shows the barely palpable, tickling touching of the body by flies. Springtime by Jeroen Eisinga documents his trance-like experience of being besieged by some 150,000 bees on face and upper body. "

Interdisciplinary symposium

An interdisciplinary symposium with experts from the arts, architecture, religions, media studies, ethnology, anthropology, cultural studies, medicine and neurobiology takes place on 8 and 9 April 2016 at Museum Tinguely. The lectures of the conference will be published as a compiled volume afterwards. A publication of the last symposium ‘Belle Haleine The Scent of Art’ (April 2015) is already available: ISBN: 978-3-9524392-3-4.


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