A Brief History of New Music, now out in Japanese

A Brief History of New Music by Yoko’s pal by Hans Ulrich Obrist , now published in Japanese.

Product Description

The guru who of each genre of contemporary music, approaching the HU Obrist

World-renowned curator, by Hans Ulrich Obrist, particularly important musician at 50 and 1990s, one book that summarizes the interview to the composers. In [avant-garde music] Chapter 4 of [electronic music] [minimalism & Fluxus] [Modern], we recorded the “testimony” of the total of 17 people.
For example, Stockhausen and Boulez, which has led the post-war avant-garde music. Xenakis, pioneers of electronic music, such as Francois Vail. Steve Reich and Yoko Ono to be derived from the minimal music and Fluxus. ……. Such as experimental and craft work and Caetano Veloso that was pursuing a pop representation
Their oral history is, not only to each genre of music, art, literature, architecture, such as a movie, spun own the “modern music history” while crossing every field, to map the evolution of the process. Process of creation, with other musicians, love of music, such as the social impact of the work, and interviews of sharply cut it of unique list from a variety of angles, Tokiakasa is “history” is by the word of the person, not only the music parties, is a must-read for all those who aspire to creation.

Chapter 1 avant-garde music of composers who K · Stockhausen Elliott Carter Pierre Boulez

Chapter 2 of the electronic music birth Iannis Xenakis Robert Ashley Francois Vail Pauline Oliveros Peter Zinoviev

Chapter 3 minimalism & Fluxus Terry Riley Tony Conrad Steve Reich Yoko Ono Phil two block

Chapter 4 contemporary composers Brian Eno Arto Lindsay Kraftwerk Caetano Veloso

here is a review:



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