“Yoko Ono from my window” Art Techo interview 2016

Art Techo January 2016 Takashi Murakami

Authors Art notebook editing unit
Fixed pri ce 1,600Tasu tax circle
Release date 2015/12/17
Zohon-appearance A5 size variations
number of pages 242 page
ISBN / product code 4910076110168
stock Yes

Special Takashi Murakami

Still it had better hurry as long as it does not witness a “Takashi Murakami of Five Hundred view Exhibition” full-fledged solo exhibition of ’14 the first time in Japan.
’15 To create the concept of “super flat”.
Really, you would know how about the work that produces the Takashi Murakami?
Something Among the art history of this ongoing welcomed Mari Hashimoto writer editor with a focus on Japanese art in supervision in the feature, of the presence of the greatest artists in modern Japan,
I want to think of something to do with value to produce of that work.
The current latest group of Murakami, and missed should not be.

Takashi Murakami

“Takashi Murakami of Five Hundred Figure Exhibition”

Takashi Murakami of “deja vu” supervision Hashimoto Mari = statement

“Political and economic”, “value”, “misreading” Matsushima Masato to three keywords from Disclose Capriccio of genealogy in the previous sentence =

Higashiyama imperial treasures and companions Shu Itakura Seitetsu interview

Akiko Miki think about the value of things from Takashi Murakami collection & Kashiwagi Tomoo interview

Ruler of the art world, the Kano school Yamamoto Hideo interview

Politics and art original HajimeAkira = statement of the Medici

It was born from imported pigment image Date field Kenji of Japan = statement

“I plugged into the kingdom of the dead when I stepped on the tail of the” rainbow “”

Tsukamoto genealogy of misunderstanding that “Japan saw China” MaroTakashi = statement

Zen Yamada is “misreading” SusumuOsamu = statement

State and art. Furuta Ryo interview What is the Japanese painting

Story Michael Darling = statement character and the requiem Saito ring = statement indicated by the “Five Hundred view”

“Yoko Ono from my window” Exhibition interview Matsui green = statements

Artist Pick Up Chin (Cheng Wei) Kumakura Haruko = statement

New York / London / Bruges + Berlin / Lyon / Taipei / art world attention Topics

Attention of art supplies referral Art & Design School Guide

Ichiro Endo “future with the love and peace” Vol.85

Konoike Tomoko Tomoko Konoike Fukuzumi Ren = listener

Usui Ryohei / Musashi beauty × Korea University Suddenly, before the eyes is Hirake / Gerhard Richter / Maiya Ken + Julia / Tajima Mika / Sato Makoto / unconditional repair / Group Kyushu Hijikata Urauta + Noi Kinokoromo + Minoru Shimizu + square Sachiko + Nakao Hanae + Kitazawa Hiromi + Katsumata Ryo + Naru-sho Hajime = evaluation

EVENT / AWARD / NEWS / BOOK / Monthly art history

ART NAVI listen to this month of the museum gallery guide expectations of artists! / Listen to this month of a push exhibition! / Event Information / gallerists



NEXT ISSUE released February January 18, 2016 the next issue notice

Special Urasawa Naoki

“YAWARA!” To resound the name across the country in the “20th Century Boys”,
Cartoonist – Urasawa Naoki who approached masters Tezuka Osamu in “PLUTO”. In recent years in addition to the day-to-day production,
In an attempt to deepen more understanding to the general comic,
Lectures and at the university, planning of the TV program ” ”
And through such exhibition to introduce Gagyo that spans 33 years,
We have continued to attempt to approach the cartoonist of the production site.
Whether Urasawa What are the anticipation of the challenges ahead not the tireless,
And I want to explore something to do with creativity cartoonists conceal.

Ozawa Tsuyoshi interview * The contents are subject to change according to circumstances.


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