UPCOMING BOOKS about the Lumière show – From France

9 Euros

livraison prévue à partir du 9 mars 2016

Beaux Arts is a monthly art mag, with short articles. Every once in a while they also published thematic issues, on art movements, or issues, usually as tie-ins with museum exhibiits.

45 Euros
livraison prévue à partir du 2 mars 2016

I look forward to this one

"Like Yoko Onos Instructions, its completely new and at the same time seems to have always been there "

From an interview with the author about the Lyon biennale


Quels sont vos projets pour le MAC de Lyon ?

Nous allons exposer Yoko Ono [du 9 mars au 10 juillet 2016], qui a largement anticipé ces problématiques contemporaines et dont on na pas encore pleinement reconnu limportance.



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