@Colette PARIS “Dream” by JONATHAN ROSEN

Chalkboard paint on canvas – take a look of the painting as installed and worked on in the online gallery – quite interesting.

JONATHAN ROSEN has a dozen Word paintings up in the Colette Gallery.

Collage on Canvas "Dream" JONATHAN ROSEN

I WANT TO DREAM exhibition from November 23rd 2015 to January 2nd 2016.

Inspired by Yoko Onos quote, "I WANT TO DREAM" is an invitation to reveal our deepest desires, and to dream collectively. In this intimate engagement, Rosen confesses his deeply personal yet universally resonant wants onto twelve large canvasses.

The letters "I WANT" carved into the canvases surface, create a window of negative space that evokes the reminder: that a dream, risks remaining unfulfilled. The pieces are then laboriously shrouded in the material histories that Rosen has collected. Once sourced just from Rosens personal collections (ie concert stubs, love letters), he now invents with the artifacts of others; "I WANT TO BE A WINNER" reveals layers of losing scratch-off lottery tickets in a playful critique of commodity culture. "I WANT TO FLY" is covered in pristine white feathers, where the artist longs for the impossible. "I WANT TO DREAM", a panel turned chalkboard, allows the audience to dream along with the artist, while the temporariness of the chalk reminds us how fleeting our dreams can be. The works tread a delicate line between themes of obsession, longing, hope, ambition, emptiness and excess.

Through the process of creating and subsequently putting his dreams on public view, Rosen often has a cathartic even transformative experience. The artist believes that dreams that remain unuterred, remain unfulfilled. During teh holiday season when dreams are at their most insatiable, Rosens "I WANT TO DREAM", in collaboration with colette, creates a platform to express and reflect upon our dreams towards them becoming realities.

Chalkboard paint on wood panel

Unique, signed on back + certificate
Dimensions : 122 x 183 cm

Available for handling or shipping from January 4th.

For further information, please contact us: galerie



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