Risk at Turner Contemporary. Margrave + BBC report.

Images and clips are available on the site of RISK.

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Sat 10 Oct 2015 – Sun 17 Jan 2016

What happens when art and risk collide?

This autumn, see artists leap into the void, abandon control and push art to the limit as creative risk-taking comes under the spotlight in the first major UK exhibition to explore risk in art.

Experience how artists have intentionally embraced the unpredictable and uncontrollable, from chance procedures to political risk; from the power of natural forces to the culture of risk management.

Francis Alÿs runs into the eye of a tornado; Bas Jan Ader sails out to sea in search of the miraculous to tragically never return; ORLAN undergoes plastic surgery; Marina Abramovics points a a bow and arrow at her own heart; Pedro Reyes creates musical instruments out of firearms and Ruth Proctor freefalls in the gallery

Walk into a physical, audio, intellectual and emotional unknown with over 60 pivotal works from the mid-20th century to the present day by major international artists including Marina Abramovi , Eva Hesse, Yves Klein, Marcel Duchamp, Andreas Gursky, Gerhard Richter, Carsten Höller, Yoko Ono, Fischli & Weiss, Jose Dávila, ORLAN, Chim Pom and Ai Weiwei, as well as key works by JMW Turner and Maze: Risk edition by Jasmin Vardimon Company.

Creating any art involves a leap of faith, and throughout the last century artists have put themselves at risk and challenged viewers, reflecting on what risk means in our society and daily lives. Now its your turn to enter the gallery at your own Risk.

Be challenged, surprised, and think differently.

Featured artists
Marina Abramovi , Bas Jan Ader, Francis Alÿs, Eduardo Basualdo, Chris Burden, Sophie Calle, Paolo Canevari, Chim Pom, José Dávila, Jeremy Deller, Juan delGado, Marcel Duchamp, Tim Etchells, Harun Farocki, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Simon Faithfull, Félix González-Torres, Eva Hesse, Jeppe Hein, Thomas Heatherwick, Carsten Höller, Peter Kennard, Yves Klein, Kris Martin, Linda Matalon, Robert Morris, Yoko Ono, ORLAN, Heather Phillipson, Ruth Proctor, Gerhard Richter, Santiago Sierra, Gregor Schneider, JMW Turner, Ulay, Ai Weiwei, Lucy Wood, Artur mijewski

Turner Contemporary is working in collaboration with the Organizing Disaster research project at Goldsmiths College, London and with independent curator Francesca Laura Cavallo on aspects of the exhibition and associated public programme. This collaboration is supported by the European Research Council Starting Grant Organizing Disaster. Civil Protection and the Population.


For her latest edition of Artsnight, Fleet Street legend Lynn Barber considers the idea of taking risks in art. The Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate is hosting an exhibition on that very theme, including works by Ai Wei Wei and Yoko Ono. In Margate, Lynn meets Peter Kennard, who has been called Britain’s most important political artist. His hard-hitting anti-nuclear campaigning posters from the 1970s capture the terrifying physical risk of war, as well as the personal risk as an artist in challenging the establishment. Also in the exhibition is the doyenne of performance art, Marina Abramovic, who has had a loaded gun held to her head and an arrow to her heart, all in the name of art. In a rare and extended interview, Lynn asks her about an illustrious career which has always encompassed physical and creative risk in pursuit of her art.

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