Speed Show in Beijing

Rescheduled: Speed Show on November 7th at Dongsibei Dajie 74

Because of the Commemoration of 70th Anniversary of World Anti-Fascist War our last attempt to host a Speed Show had to be cancelled. We found a new date and are getting the computers at the Internet café at Dongsibei Dajie 74 ready.

With works by

Ai Weiweiwei // Olafur Eliasson // Michael Bodenmann // Jiajia Zhang // Barbara Signer // Michelle Proksell // Netizen.net // Hannah Heilmann // Geoffrey Lillemon // Ida Kvetny // Min Liu // Martin Kohout // Yoko Ono (Shuang Li) // Bing Bin // Jerome Araki // Astrid Myntekær // Quangquan // Hangfeng // Michiel Hilbrink // Sandra Vaka Olson // Kristoffer Ørum // Daniel Stempfer // Andrew de Freitas // Abby Lee Sarver // Katy Roseland // Katrin Hornek // Lin Ke // Xiao Ding // Kyle Skor, Chen Xi // Malwina Migacz // Frank Kai // Ren Lun // He Yu // Sun Xiaoxing // Han Xu


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