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Translated to broken English.

3rd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art
September 9November 10, 2015

Opening days: September 813


Founder: National Center for Contemporary Art
Commissioner: Alisa Prudnikova

The 3rd Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art will open on September 9 and close on November 10, 2015 in Ekaterinburg and 10 other cities of the Ural region.

The Biennials curators, Li Zhenhua (Beijing/Zurich) and Biljana Ciric (Shanghai), have announced the list of Russian and international artists for the Main project. 50 artists from 20 countries all around the world will take part in the exhibition, including Yoko Ono (New York), Alfredo Jaar (New York), Tino Sehgal (Berlin) and Lee Kit (Taipei/Hong Kong).

Alisa Yoffe, Polina Kanis, Svetlana Shuvaeva, Anatoly Vyatkin, Victor Davydov, and Yurko Koval are included in the list of Russian artists, as well as Timofey Radya, the most famous Ekaterinburg-based artist.

Alisa Ioffe, Punk Fraction 2 , Photopaper, ink. 2014.

List of artists participating in the Main project:

Biljana Cirics project titled Spaces for Maneuver­Between Abstraction and Accumulation

Tang Da Wu (Singapore), 3-ply (Australia, Melbourne), Lee Kit (Hong Kong / Taiwan, Taipei), Wong Hoy Cheong (Malaysia, Penang), Les Gens dUterpan (France, Paris), Shi Yong (China, Shanghai), Sinisa Ilic (Serbia, Belgrade), Pratchaya Pinthong (Thailand, Bangkok), Jonathas de Andrade (Brazil, Recife), Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore), Marysia Lewandowska (UK, London), Nguyen Trinh Thi (Vietnam, Hanoi), Marta Popivoda (Serbia, Belgrade), Jompet (Indonesia, Yogyakarta), Li Liao (China, Shenzhen), Tino Sehgal (Germany, Berlin), Yoko Ono (USA, New York), Yu Youhan (China, Shanghai), Alfredo Jaar (USA, New York)


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