History and heritage of the Kudan announced for 2016

New book about the residence of the Phillipines Ambassor in Tokyo — which Yoko’s family owned in the 1930s and 1940s.

The book includes reminiscences from Yoko.

It was on the market about 10 years ago, at which point, it was acquired by the Phillipines governement.

"Historian Ambeth Ocampo, who spent several years as a teaching fellow in Japan at the Sophia University, writes about how the Kudan was built by the family of Zenjiro Yasuda, the great grandfather of famous conceptual artist and musician Yoko Ono, and goes on to narrate the Kudans fate in the hands of its subsequent owners. "

Yoko Ono shares her memories of the Kudan:


Explanations of the grounds:

During one of my UNESCO meetings in Tokyo, Ambassador Domingo "Jun" Siazon and his Japanese wife Kay entertained me in the official residence of the Philippine ambassador to Japan. I thank Kay for explaining the rich history of the heritage house, which she put together in a picture book.

"Kudan," the official residence of the Philippine ambassador to Japan, was built in a half-hectare estate at the Chiyoda district. Business tycoon Zenzaburo Yasuda built it in 1934 following Mediterranean architecture. It features a watchtower for viewing Mt. Fuji.


Isn’t intriguing that there is a ‘blue room’ there ? Was it always like this ?

Here is the publisher’s site:


And the author’s Facebook page.



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