Full list of artists has been released:

Sheila Pree Bright (Atlanta)

Jessica Scott-Felder (Atlanta)

Stephon Ferguson (Atlanta)

Center for Tactical Magic (San Francisco)

Courtesy the Artists (New York City)

Chris Johnson (Oakland) + Hank Willis Thomas (Brooklyn) + Bayeté Ross Smith (Harlem) + Kamal Sinclair (Los Angeles)

Jennifer Wen Ma (New York City and Beijing)

Yoko Ono (Nutopia)

Otabenga Jones & Associates (Houston)

Pedro Reyes (Mexico City)

(from )


Nato Thompson

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. It was a dream that seemed to guide his actions, his words, his activism, and his faith. In August of 1963 at the culmination of The March on Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. put his dream into words. They were sweet, eloquent, hypnotic words that stirred the hopes of a country and its imagination. His dream asked for the best in people and in a sense, asked for the world to become the place we dreamed about.

This site-specific art exhibition takes as its source of inspiration, Martin Luther King Jr.s dream. For dreams, those visions when we sleep, the realm of desires, of hopes, of fears and new futures, are also the material of artists.

Flux Night 2015: Dream is not itself nostalgic as neither are dreams, but is instead a collective imaginative exploration of equity and justice.


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