TOKYO : AFTER 4 33 AND 4 33 (NO. 2) (0 00 ) (1962)

4 33 (NO. 2) (0 00 ) (1962) was dedicated to Yoko and Toshi by their friend John Cage.

Composed and conducted by Keiji Haino
Directed and designed by Noriyuki Kiguchi
Friday, October 2 | 19:00 open, 19:30 start

Sogetsu Hall

Planned for 40 years, Keiji Hainos first composition is the final response to John Cages 4 33
Essentially, there has not been a boundary between composition and performance for Keiji Haino, who has considered the notion of improvisation and the dichotomy between active and passive invalid. However, he has planned for 40 years for this composition called Miracle as his final response to John Cages 4 33 , its sequel 0 00 and their countless variations, and it is going to be world premiered at Sound Live Tokyo 2015. The venue for the premiere is, needless to say, Sogetsu Hall, where 0 00 was world premiered by Cage himself in 1962.

I. Tacet
II. Tacet
III. Tacet

4 33 (1952 )

In a situation provided with maximum amplification (no feedback), perform a disciplined action.

4 33 (NO. 2) (0 00 ) (1962)



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