THE BEATLES: BEATLES WOMEN Interviews Specials Pattie Boyd DVD

This DVD of dubious legality exists. For sale on your favorite platform. ME, I’d rather chase the clips on youtube etc.

THE BEATLES: BEATLES WOMEN Interviews Specials Pattie Boyd DVD

First up the 2007 documentary with all the Beatle gals – Cynthia Lennon, Pattie Boyd, Maureen Cox, Jane Asher, Linda McCartney,

Yoko Ono, Barbara Bach with rare footage included! Then a few interviews with Aunt Mimi, Cynthia, Pattie, May Pang and Jane Asher

from 2007! Approx 2 hours in excellent quality and in chapters!

01. 2007: The Beatles Women: Cynthia and Yoko Part 1

02. Cynthia and Yoko Part 2

03. Yoko and Jane Asher

04. Linda McCartney

05. Heather Mills, Pattie Boyd and Olivia

06. Maureen and Barbara

07. 1965: Pattie Boyd Pond’s Commercial (in Spanish)

08. 1969: Pattie Boyd Dop shampoo by L’Oreal Commercial

09. 1981: John’s Aunt Mimi UK Interview

10. 1985: Cynthia Lennon Interview – Saturday Review

11. 1985: Cynthia Lennon Interview – Wogan

12. October 5, 2007: Jane Asher Interview – Paul O’Grady Show

13. October 13, 2007: Pattie Boyd Interview – Tubridy Tonight

14. January 30, 2009: Pattie Boyd Interview – CBC The Hour

15. November 14, 2009: Pattie Boyd Interview – Jakhalzen Dutch TV

16. October 24, 2008: May Pang Interview – Lightning 100 Nashville


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