Cut Piece & Performing Vérité

Maysles Films Inc. : Performing Vérité
The Gates preceded by Yoko Onos Cut Piece

July 19 at 4:00
West Building Lecture Hall

Christo and Jeanne-Claudes The Gates ­ twenty-three miles of orange fabric-strewn arches positioned in Central Park ­ were on view in February 2005 for a fleeting sixteen days. As the grandest public art project in Manhattans history, The Gates required twenty-five years to steer through the New York bureaucracy. The final product thrilled the world. Quipped Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Ive never understood why anybody was against it. (Antonio Ferrera, Albert Maysles, David Maysles, and Matthew Prinzing, 2007, 87 minutes)

Yoko Onos Cut Piece documents the artists 1965 performance at Carnegie Hall, with Ono sitting motionless on the stage as audience members were invited to come forward and cut away bits of her clothing. (1965, 8 minutes)

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