3 spoons @ MOMA

Phillip Ward and I discussed these spoons at MOMA last May. I said, ‘Um.. she chose those spoons, they must mean something."

Well, Phillip thought that was an interesting thought for sure. Did anyone in the ONO family have a set ? Or is it another mindgame — these spoons are indeed valuable (born with a silver spoon!), but that is SO not the point of this artwork. ?

Do It Yourself !

I found this info below, but I can’t remember why I was searching those specific keywords.


Make your own:




  1. I have read an interview article of Yoko’s cousin, Hideaki Kato, who visited Yoko at Dakota in the Seventies (?) and he asked Yoko why she called it “Three Spoons” whereas they was actually four spoons presented, when he noticed this work in Yoko’s apartment. Yoko’s reply was something like just because it consisted of three spoons, who not Ok to call it “Three Spoons”?

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