Yoko’s Chess

Demo is now avaialbe On youtube


Free to Download for iOS devices from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/yoko-che…

More info from: http://www.YokoChess.com

Game Features:

Choose from 3 CHESS GAMES

• Original Chess: A free game featuring familiar black and white pieces.

• Play It By Trust: Yoko’s own creation, displaying only white pieces on an all-white board – can you remember which pieces belong to your opponent and which pieces are your own?

• Doggie Chess: Play with a complete set of animated dogs in this fun new interpretation.

Play using 3 GAME MODES

• Traditional: limitless time constraints.

• Speed: Each move must be made within a fixed period of time.

• Timed: where complete games are restricted to an overall time limit.

Challenge yourself via 4 DIFFICULTY LEVELS

Computer Opponent and Speed & Time Limits of increasing difficulty:

• Beginner

• Amateur

• Intermediate

• Expert

PLUS – Save your Progress and Reload Games whenever you want!

Finally, the game’s background music features tracks created from Yoko’s own recent ‘Take Me To The Land of Hell’ album.


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