Review of MAM Research 001 – including Yoko

Full review. Lots of photos.

Great Crescent: Art and Agitation in the 1960s­Japan, South Korea, and Taiwanis an archival exhibition, curated by Hong Kongs Para-site, which initiates Mori Art Museums new research program dedicated to uncovering the complex layers and contexts of contemporary art in Asia. ”


The first exhibition in this series “MAM Research 001: Great Crescent, Art and Agitation in the 1960s – Japan, South Korea, Taiwan” is a reconfiguration of an exhibition held in 2013 at the Hong Kong alternative space “Para Site.”
In recent years, there have been moves not only to enrich art history by focusing beyond those countries in the West that led the way in the 20th century but also to trace the multi-tiered development of modernism in countries outside the Western bloc. The title of this exhibition derives from the term used to describe the crescent-shaped region stretching from Japan through Southeast Asia to the Persian Gulf as part of America’s post war policy towards Asia. From the Meiji period until the end of WWII, Japan ruled the Korean peninsula and Taiwan. While they started to take different paths on their own in the 1960s, this exhibition is an attempt to verify from a comparative perspective on the anti-establishment and anti-art activities that unfolded as the artists in these regions explored their own avenues of expression, not along the modernism that was introduced from the West.

Participating Artists: Chang Chao-Tang, Choi Boong-hyun, Chuang Ling, Kim Gulim, Hi Red Center, Huang Huacheng,Jeong Gang-ja, Kang Guk-jin, Yoko Ono, Zero Dimension
Floor Intervention: Leung Chi Wo


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