These Are Not Movies

Just got this book.

These Are Not Movies

Screenplays for films that will never be made.

Publisher’s info

from 40-Watt Spotlight, featuring new work from indie-lit luminaries Sean Zio, Jennifer Whiteford, Colin White,
Adam Thomlison, J.B. Staniforth, Michael Reid, Raouf Lefy and Megan Butcher.

Budding love and classically comedic misunderstanding
A woman observing the sadness of city life with an epileptics head in her hands
A darkly challenged performer facing the horrible reality of art
A rumination on fame and the possibilities of romance with a dragon slayer.

This book is both a love letter and a cold shoulder to the cinema, praising its beauty
even as it tells it to go to hell. It is eight writers forgoing all that moving-picture foolishness
to make touching, shocking, hilarious movies with words alone (plus a few stills).

<blockquote>Buy from them : </blockquote>

The book immediately reminded me of Grapefruit.

You can read Yoko’s scripts via GoogleBooks

MCA (Australia held a series exploring the scripts in 2014 )


Six Film Scripts (1964) and Imaginary Film Series (1968): What they are and why we want to revisit them

Experimental Universe is a program of events featuring films, music and performances created by Australian artists responding to Yoko Onos rarely-visited instructional works, Six Film Scripts (1964) and Imaginary Film Series (1968). Running over two nights (6 February and 13 February) the program also includes two film screenings of early Yoko Ono films, Apotheosis (1970) and Two Virgins (1968). In this first blog post for the MCA, Joel Stern and Danni Zuvela of OtherFilm write about some of the ideas underpinning Yoko Onos instructional approach.


Read up:


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