Yoko Ono’s “To Match the Sky,” a “birthday performance piece”



Perhaps the evening’s most unusual entry was Yoko Ono’s "To Match the Sky," a "birthday performance piece" written in Riley’s honor. It consisted of four lines of text, with instructions to improvise sounds. Beginning with "Sky with clouds floating," Kronos keened and plucked. Rain and snow followed; on the fourth line, "Thunder and lightening" (sic), Harrington asked the audience to contribute storm-appropriate noise. The crowd responded with gusto. Riley, seated a few rows from the stage, pounded along gleefully.

Terry Riley Festival

Featuring Kronos Quartet and guest artists

When: 7:30 p.m. June 27 (with Kala Ramnath, Gyan Riley, Volti, poet Michael McClure and The Living Earth Show); 7 p.m. June 28,

Kronos performs Riley’s "Salome Dances for Peace"
Where: SFJazz Center, 201 Franklin St., S.F.
Tickets: $25-$65; 866-920-5299, www.sfjazz.org


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