Djarkata “Infinity in Flux: The Unending Loop that Bond the Artist and the Audience.

An annual art fair since 2008, ART|JOG actively involves participating artists in the display of their works and interaction with the public. Its closeness with the artists is what makes ART|JOG unique and different from any other art fairs. Through its open call application system, ART|JOG engages both emerging and established artists in the quest to offer a fresh approach in contemporary art. Now entering its eighth year, ART|JOG returns with INFINITY IN FLUX­ the Unending Loop that Bonds the Artist and the Audience

From the event’s Facebook page

Yoko Ono, intermedia artist; singer; as well as peace activists from Japan will fill the Special Presentation ART | JOG this time. Yoko Ono was chosen because he participated in the Fluxus Movement in the 1960s, are relevant to the themes raised ART | JOG | 8. For although not officially joined the Fluxus group, Yoko Ono gave many suggestions and contributions on this movement.

During his life, Yoko Ono has experimented with various media to voice ideas and aspirations for what he feels. Ability in art has been tested on various lines. In addition to art and music, Yoko Ono never tried his skill in film as a Director and performer. He also wrote several books and essays related to the arts. Also collaborated with many big names such as John Lennon and The Beatles with the Bed-In, Give Peace a Chance, Bagism, as well as Unfinished Music.

To date, the works which marked the name of Yoko Ono in the art world are Cut Piece (1964), Grapefruit (1964), the Cut Tree (1981), as well as various albums; video; and poetry. He also undertook to initiate movements anti-war either through art and other media. As an artist, he’s also a lot of intermedia produce works of art that make the installation visitors can interact with his work.

If you want to know what kind of work of Yoko Ono will be on display at ART | JOG | 8, do not forget to come to the Taman Budaya Yogyakarta from 6-28 June later Yes

(translated by Bing -! )

At ART|JOG|8, Yoko features Wish Tree, an ongoing installation she started in 1981. Wish Tree is an installation project that involves public participation as they write their hopes in a piece of paper and hang them on branches until there is no place left. Using locally planted trees, this installation was set up at several locations such as London, Washington, San Francisco and Japan, capturing more than a million hopes and was eventually buried in the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland. All my works are forums for wishing, keep wishing while you participate, was her message. For Yoko, the hopes of people provide encouragement and a symbol of solidarity and inspiration in creating world peace.


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