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Stop making sense

New book,

Stop Making Sense offers an original and compelling theory of music from the perspective of the real as this term is understood according to the Lacanian orientation in psychoanalysis. Specific examples and cases discussed include

Freud’s melophobia or fear of music;
Che Guevara’s revolutionary a-rhythmia;
John F. Nash’s obsession with ‘Bach’s Little Fugue’;
Talking Heads and Asperger’s Syndrome/Autism;
Yoko Ono and the sense of “lack” in the Beatles;
the role of ‘Imagine’ in the murder of John Lennon
Brian Eno and the digital auto-generation of Freud’s “oceanic feeling”;
Aphex Twin and the brain-dance of the hikikomori;
and the utopian promise of Merzbow.

The first part of the book explains its theoretical and methodological underpinnings that are based in a reading of subjects and symptoms such as amusia. The second and third parts focus on contemporary examples that look at how music has become both a powerful locus of discontent and also a form of orientation in an age of generalized psychosis imposed by neoliberalism as a form of governance. This has been accelerated by the regime of digital telecommunications since the early 1990s, which has seen the emergence of various new symptoms related to the autistic jouissance to which we have been confined with our gadgets and networked computers.


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Stop Making Sense: Music from the Perspective of the Real

Author(s) : Scott Wilson

About the Author(s)

Scott Wilson is Professor of Media and Psychoanalysis at the London Graduate School, Kingston University, London. His books include The Order of Joy: Beyond the Cultural Politics of Enjoyment, Great Satans Rage: American Negativity and Rap/Metal in the Age of Supercapitalism, and Melancology: Black Metal and Ecology. He is the editor with Michael Dillon of the Journal for Cultural Research.

Part of The Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture Series – more in this series Stop Making Sense: Music from the Perspective of the Real
Book Details

Publisher : Karnac Books
Published : April 2015
Cover : Paperback
Pages : 272
Category :
Culture and Psychoanalysis
Category 2 :
Lacanian Psychoanalysis
Catalogue No : 35963
ISBN 13 : 9781782201984
ISBN 10 : 178220198X

Paperback £23.89


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