#yokoono A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper.


Abraham Lubelski, Community bed art or the family in a bed.


NY Arts Magazine presents the interactive performance installation, A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper.

Abraham Lubelski and NY Arts Magazine are pleased to announce the summer event, which incorporates not only work by Lubelski, but also that of hundreds of other artists. The installation, A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper will be a tribute to the infamous 1969 Bed In by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Amsterdam. In the performance the pajama-clad newlyweds spoke out about world peace to the world from their bedroom. It was the honeymoon as performance art, interlaced with a protest against the Vietnam War.In this re-appropriation of the performance Lubelski, who will be joined by his family, will also be within a bedroom environment in his own attempt to establish similar relationships of communication and harmony. Surrounded by his own ongoing sculptural installation 300,000 Works on Paper Lubelski will create an open forum that develops Lennons original ideas into an interactive Web performance.

Beginning May, 2015, and continuing for the rest of the summer Lubelski and his family will give interviews, answer questions, and have frank and open conversations with the public to spread their words of peace and creativity to a global audience. Lubelski, who realizes that performance art engages the public through its immediacy will make slight but significant changes in order to alter the original work, propelling it toward new territory. By translating cultural symbols into political actions­utilizing primitive modes of communication and creativity (the drawings on paper), alongside contemporary methods (interactive phone-lines and Web sites)­Lubelski creates new meanings for them.

The viewer is invited to participate­playing a pivotal role in the piece, by calling a special phone line to ask or say anything they wish. The interactive, all encompassing environment will be transmitted via the Internet on several Web sites (including www.nyartsmagazine.com), creating a fully immersive, interactive environment that traces the invisible presences of the audience. Viewers questions will be recorded in an open sequence of conversations between international participants. Discussing everything from drawing and writing to Darfur and the state of the Web, Lubelski aims to explore the relation between a concept and its instantiation. Appropriating the original in performance in order to make it relevant to contemporary society, A Summer of Love and Peace: 300,000 Works on Paper could be seen as an art installation, activism, debate or even therapy.

Lubelski has long held an interest in art projects for which the Internet is both a sufficient and necessary condition of viewing/expressing/participating­this exciting event opens up the concept of live performance to an international audience whereby remote participants are enabled to work together in real time through the medium of the Internet. The work will make utilize many aspects of Internet communication­including online social environments such as virtual networks (e.g, facebook), text chat, voice chat, and video directories (e.g., You Tube). A multi-sensory assemblage of existence, collaboration, and communication, the installation becomes a Duchampain metaphor for the contemporary art world.
Abraham Lubelski


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