The Extinction Marathon : Yoko Ono’S Bells for Serpentine

The Extinction Marathon: the art world’s bid to save the human race

Yoko Ono, Gilbert and George, Gustav Metzger, Lily Cole and dozens of scientists and anthropologists come together at Londons Serpentine Gallery to confront the end of humanity


Yoko Ono, called Bells for Serpentine, read by actress and model Lily Cole.

The audience were each handed a small bell, which they could sound at their will and were encouraged to make a wish as they did, creating a ringing cacophony as Cole read out Onos lyrics: Uncover, not discover, you will see the miracles inside all things waiting to be uncovered while we are sitting in our heads. Dont try to change the world, thats a concept floating on our horizon. Just use your wits and change your heads.

Speaking after the performance, Cole said the meditative piece spoke to her of the way everyone is always trying to change the world from a very external perspective, without stopping and starting with yourself. I agree with Yoko that everything starts with ourselves this piece was about us each taking our own responsibility for the way we perceive the world.



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