new book by Alex Schiavi dedicated to Yoko Ono

bk Libro Yoko Ono ArtistaThe new book by Alex Schiavi dedicated to Yoko Ono
Posted by: Nicholas Capra Published: October 12, 2014 In: News, Culture, News | Comments: 0
The new book by Alex Schiavi dedicated to Yoko Ono
Output from October 27, 2014 !!!!!! Sold only to the Internet, only 49 numbered copies.
Yoko Ono, as he declared John Lennon (the Beatle who was her husband from 1960 until his death in December 1980), is the most famous artist in the world, but no one knows his works.
Yoko Ono is the artist’s most famous and at the same time the least known in the world.
Hated, insulted, humiliated and almost accused of being “the witch Japanese did dissolve the Beatles,” he lived the drama of being the widow of the greatest rock musician ever existed in the world.
Born in Tokyo in 1933 by a wealthy family, he moved to New York as a young man and there began his artistic career in 1966 took her to live in London. Then he met John Lennon, and the rest is known history.
But Yoko Ono was an artist even before he cast off his life (later becoming a wife and mother of Sean Ono Lennon, second son of John, born in 1975), and therefore it is not true that it was launched by the Beatles. In the early 60s he met and interacted with the great composer JOHN CAGE, and other musicians of contemporary music, see LaMonte Young. Yoko Ono already had a career, and her life with John Lennon helped considerably to grow, and she (the daughter of a great banker and prepared) worked hard to increase the wealth of Lennon, who went from $ 100 million to almost a billion dollars!
Yoko Ono was also a great woman of finance, something that very few know. And ‘alive, has already 81 years and his creative mind is agile, … does not stand still, .. produces events, art, paintings and installations for Peace.
That’s who is Yoko Ono!

The master Alex Schiavi (Beatles since 1963) devotes a book that critically examines his long artistic career.
The book, a defense of the woman and artist Yoko Ono, analyzes the facets of his art and his works, in the course of 50 years of work, and also contains a detailed record (Yoko Ono as well as an artist is also a singer and musician !).
It ‘absolutely one of the few books (written in Italian) dedicated to her. The book, of 140 pages, is produced by hand by the Publisher Barata of Sao Paulo in just 49 numbered copies.
Available at 20 euro, postage included, from 27 October 2014. (It can be ordered directly at:
Peter Aligi Slaves – Viale Suzzani, 1-20162 Milan

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