Yoko Ono is my muse – -Love Inks

Love Inks isnt your typical house party band. The Texan troupe subtle tones hark back to 80s beach sisters, Marine Girls and wouldnt be out of play set to the backdrop of David Lynchs Twin Peaks, all cherry pie and ominous rumblings in the forest. So why then you might ask, have we enlisted Sherry LeBlanc of the band to pull together your weekend listening playlist for us? Well friends, whilst Love Inks might revel in the understated, LeBlanc knows some lady musicality when she hears it.


Yoko Ono, I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window

I know this song isnt on Spotify, but Yoko Ono is my muse so I have to include her in the list. Look this song up its the best! Im particularly taken by her ability to remain positive through the decades of negativity and hate that were focused on her. She has always used her art to change the world and has never stopped creating. If youre unfamiliar with her work, start with Grapefruit, the entire book is inspiring and has the potential to be life changing. At least it was for me

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