Gorgeous Fuji rRock gallery


and here’s the best that googletranslate could deliver – LOL!

2014.07.26 (SAT)

Unfolded along with the strongest band, performance Yuigadokuson

In between the music fan, has become a hot topic as can be called back buzzword Award and “Don U~ori”. I want to witness live the legendary of ! Fuji locker that was Wakuteka and was like did not just me, the floor of the red marquee is almost full. Extreme enough to not be thought the 81-year-old your year, live tweet from the field is rolled is RT is the figure of Yoko that intersperse Screeching, sobbing, screaming of (?) Expected from ride to. Everyone, … Do not I wanted to see is really.

That said, including Keigo Oyamada Yumiko Ohno ensemble backing band too ironclad, Yuko Araki, and Nells Klein sounded nice enough impeccable, English MC is delighted even Yoko’s main why. Applause was dropped in the reading of Japanese and number Garage Rockin ‘is jumbled, withdrawal’s also one after another “Do not Worry, Kyoko” in, just does say that “I’ve been waiting!” And occurs winding . But, if you have finished in psychedelic arrangements snazzy than expected, a little anticlimactic (laughs).

Yoko was thrown round to Yuka Honda on the way, the Members of the last was Yuigadokuson everywhere, but its a straight message state in which stuck to the young audience. Please, live longer.

(Text by UK)

01.Don’t Stop Me
02.Waiting For The D Train / Why
04.Walking On Thin Ice
05.Higa Noboru
06.Open Your Box
07.O’Wind (Body Is The Scar Of Your Mind)
08.Unun To.
09.Don’t Worry Kyoko
10.Remember Love
11.It’s Been Very Hard


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