MITT WANÅS – Win a multiple by Yoko Ono

Here, we go, I’m flying to Sweden. 😉

Summer 2014 we make THE SHOW MITT WANÅS with YOUR IMAGES OF WANÅS. Take a picture and write 1-5 words about why you visit Wanås. We choose among the entries and maybe we include your picture in the exhibition in the Café and/or on social media. We select the lucky winner. FIRST PRIZE IS AN ARTWORK BY YOKO ONO!

The show will be built up during the season. See it grow at Wanås Konst or follow it on social media.

RULES Open to all ways of taking pictures and of writing. Your camera, your mobile or borrow a Polaroid camera in the entrance. Post on Instagram, mail or e-mail us, or leave it it at the entrance desk. Most important is that it shows your Wanås. The winner will be selected at the Finissage Nov 2.

E-MAIL mittwanas[a]
MAIL Mitt Wanås, Wanås Konst, Box 67, SE-289 21 Knislinge
POLAROID Hand it in at the reception in the Art Gallery.


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