Imagine Peace – New Ayzit Bostan T-Shirt


Can fashion what to say to the war in the Middle East?

Sometimes invite things overnight with meaning. The Munich fashion designer and design professor Ayzit Bostan went recently with a group of students on a field trip to Marrakech. There, everyone should design an inspired by the travel product or work of art. Bostan left a stamp in Arabic script customize with Yoko Ono credo “Imagine Peace”.

Back in Germany, Bostan printed the formally modified type-hippie slogan on a white and a black T-shirt. It quickly became clear that they would not remain single pieces. The demand continued unabated, Bostan is to have them printed for her collection in the series: “Imagine Peace fits actually always, in matters large and small, but it seems like it’s now just a bit more fit,” says the designer.

Imagine Peace

New Ayzit Bostan T-Shirt

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