The continued damning of Yoko Ono

The continued damning of Yoko Ono
Last updated 12:33 11/07/2014


Here’s the full song, Yoko Ono playing Don’t Worry, Kyoko (at Glastonbury).

I like it. She’s in fine voice – this is after all what she does. This is how she’s always sounded. It’s improvisation too – that’s presumably, worth noting. And that’s a pretty kick-ass groove that Yo La Tengo has struck up there in support.

Considering this the worst live performance – you can just tell the people writing these pieces and eagerly typing in their “go home” and “rubbish” comments haven’t seen or heard a lot of music. They’ve lapped up all the landfill indie perhaps, bought and listened to every album by a small handful of bands – but they haven’t listened to anything outside the box where they keep

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