iSkyTV – reimagining Yoko Ono’s “SkyTV

J’aime bien.


iSkyTV is a project by the Institute for Infinitely Small Things, a group that conducts creative, participatory research [aiming] to temporarily transform public spaces and instigate dialogue about democracy, spatial justice and everyday life. The project reimagines Yoko Onos 1966 video work SkyTV, which consists of placing a video of a cloudy sky in a gallery, to disrupt the distinction between outside and inside. iSkyTV furthers this gesture by detecting the users locations and displaying images of the sky above them using Google Street View. iSkyTV further complicates any distinction between interior and exterior as well as between public and private spheres. It brings an image of nature that is housed in a database, has been digitized, databased, copyrighted and archived, back into the interior of the home.


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