Yoko in ”Conceptualist Cooking” book…

Eh ? What is Conceptualist Cooking ?

Well, I am not sure. Let’s see.


Adrian Fry
Television freed cuisine from the tyranny of the palate, writes chef Preston Emmental in his Foreword to Conceptualist Cooking, replacing it with the tyranny of the eye. I devise feasts for the mind. Abandoning the constraints of traditional kitchencraft for the stratagems of the modern artist, Emmental here presents, among much else, a necessarily abridged recipe for Everything Pie, an irresistibly enticing yet inedible Dadaist Razorblade Stew, a Not Kedgeree owing more to Duchamp than to haddock or rice and a dish produced using oblique instructions from Yoko Ono, the ingredients of which include one smile, 11 cumulonimbus clouds and a grapefruit. As the book progresses, Emmental outlines his theories; dinner guests are a bourgeois irrelevance, situationism a valid defence for kitchen tantrums and the apartheid against serving non-food items is definitively confounded by quicksilver soup with iron filing croutons. Ground-breaking to the end, the book will leave you ravenous.

Fresh food
Lucy Vickery 5 July 2014

In Competition No. 2854 you were invited to invent a title for a new cookery book, with a fresh angle, and supply a publishers blurb.

so – CONCEPTUALIST COOKING does not exit


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