Image of Dope Digits x Cunnt Claws present YOKO ONO

This wins big prize as so weird I can’t come up with a comment. All text from their website.

Dope Digits x Cunnt Claws present YOKO ONO

Cunnt Claws and Dope Digits have teamed up to bring you a series of decals that represent the Cunnt Claws movement.

As a blogger and a feminist, Cunnt Claws represents silently outspoken nails. She has chosen some of her greatest inspirations, women she feels have made a great impact on society, and teamed up with Dope Digits to design the look and feel of the sets.

Cunnt Claws on Yoko: For one, she’s married to my all-time favorite, John Lennon. Together they worked to empower the people and bring about world peace. As an artist and musician, she has created her own style and her performance ‘Cut Piece’ (where she lets audience members come up and cut pieces of her clothing off) is what originally drew me to her.

Dope Digits provides premium nail art decals that are water activated, take only moments to apply and are easy on your nails, wallet AND eyes. These clear-backed decals can go on over any color polish, but light colors work best. Simply cut out decals, pop them into water and slide them onto your plain or polished nail. Once dry, apply a good layer of topcoat to protect them from the elements. Each set includes 14 decals. Decals DO NOT come with false nails.


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