Yoko Ono: “John Lennon sempre con me, ma oggi sarebbe triste”

A good one from ITaly
Martedì 27 Maggio 2014

di Federico Scoppio
ROMA – Circa 800 opere, tra dischi, performance di ogni genere, mostre d’arte e fotografia.

Also in memory of John?
“Our meeting was something magical. I do not know how it happened , it was unbelievable, but it all makes sense . John had just arrived at the gallery directly by the number 3 Abbey Road , the address of the studies , as well as in numerology , the number of music. I was at 6 Masons Yard , the address of the Indica Gallery, but also the number that represents love . That day love met music . ” 81 years ago and are using social networks to make art. We keep up to date ?
“True, indeed one of my dreams would be able to achieve perfect work, and then say that no-one can retouch most , as perfect . It would also be important that would last forever. But there is no eternity in this regard. The Egyptians also made ​​sculptures and pyramids which were then demolished and ruined by time. For this to happen before the change , I have to serve innovation , and now the technology .

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