do it (short) is an animated short about Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ongoing exhibition do it

Great montage !

bk do it

From the Vimeo website:

do it (short) is an animated short about Hans Ulrich Obrist’s ongoing exhibition do it narrated by Reggie Watts.
Conceived by curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, do it is an exhibition of artists’ instructions, that began in Paris in 1993 with a discussion between Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier, who were curious to see how an exhibition may never stop. Now, do it has become the longest-running and most far-reaching exhibition ever, giving new meaning to the concept of the “exhibition in progress.” In 2013, ICI and Obrist partnered to create the 20th anniversary version of do it, with new artists’ contributions and a compendium of over 250 instructions.

Written & Directed by Can Misirlioglu & Michelle Snow |
Produced by Sarah Ko & Laure Lim

Voiceover by Reggie Watts

Design & Animation by
Thomas Parrinello |
Ben Plimpton |
Chris Raleigh

Music by
TheFatLab |
Gizi Farka |
Tom Laurie
WORKPLAYWORK / Cem Misirlioglu |

Edited by
David Bartin & John Gramaglia

Enactments Edited by
Jenna Kline

Cinematography by
Garrett Hardy Davis & Stephen Barnwell

VO record
Brian Bender at The Motherbrain

Final Mix by
Ali Riza Sahenk at TheFatLab

Live Sound by
Peter Chin

Andy McGovern

Enactment Artists
Anil Duran
Brigitte Landou
Dana McClure
David Trabucco
Enkhtsetseg Dashdavaa
Eric Diehl, Jackson Hunt
Jane Benson, Ajay Kurian
John Bollinger, Jordan McLean
John Reed
Laura Swanson, Greg Kuball
Lucas Roy, Susie Hwang
Luke Damrosch
Mary Burge
Miss Joan Marie Moosy
Silke Lindner
Spencer Everett


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