YO @ Folkstone Triennial in August 2014

Folkstone Triennial


30 August 2 November 2014

Curator: Lewis Biggs

Artists List:

Jyll Bradley
Pablo Bronstein,
Strange Cargo
Diane Dever and Jonathan Wrigh
Tim Etchells
Andy Goldsworthy
Ian Hamilton Finlay
John Harle and Tom Pickard
Emma Hart
Alex Hartley
Will Kwan
Gabriel Lester
Amina Menia
muf Architecture/Art
Yoko Ono
Marjetica Potrč and Ooze Architects
Sarah Staton
Something & Son

The result is artworks that resonate with the town and its socio-economic and cultural history, as well as exploring universal issues. Some commissions will rejuvenate existing sites, others will create new environments in the town, involve the collaboration of local communities, and address aspects of daily life affecting people on a global scale, such as climate change, environment, sustainability, technology and communication.

Lewis Biggs, Curator of Folkestone Triennial, said: Im very proud to be Curator for an exhibition that is fast becoming a focus of interest around the world. The Folkestone Triennial presents a very special opportunity for artists who have already achieved a certain status, and want the new challenge of showing outside the gallery, museum or sale room. I have been careful to invite only artists whose practice fits this opportunity; who want to be in dialogue with the urban context, who have something to say about contemporary life in a wider world and who want their work to be enjoyed by a broader audience.

Pablo Bronstein, Four Alternate Designs for a Lighthouse in the Style of Nicholas Hawksmoor, 2014. Ink and watercolour on paper. Courtesy Herald St./Folkstone Triennial



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