You’re My Yoko

cd marley flyrasta

Son of reggae legend’s fifth solo album arrives just in time for 4/20 smoke-out

Marley is different from his other family members and siblings, most of whom live in Florida or Jamaica. Years ago, he settled in Los Angeles with his Israeli wife Orly Agai and their children.

“Every king needs a queen,” Marley says as he explains the significance of the track, “You’re My Yoko,” on the album. “For John Lennon, that was Yoko Ono. I can relate to John’s changes with the Beatles, what he was going through and the role that Yoko played in bringing him out to explore himself more as an artist, a man and a human being.”

Agai did the same for Marley. Like Yoko, she, too, came between a family, encouraging him to break from his geographic tradition and relocate on the West Coast. “I’m sure some of them will complain about my wife, too,” he jokes.



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