DISCOVER PEACE – Wiish Tree in Vienna

capture discover peace

capture discover peace

“Discover Peace in Europe” is a project about peace trails
in Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Torino and Vienna – to make people aware of the importance of peace!
The idea of this project

A concept of peace which relies on democracy, civil society, self-confident participation and courage asks for your attention in seven beautiful European cities. Peace-trails that you will find most worthwhile to walk get presented in Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Torino and Vienna. The website invites you to the experience and leads you to the different stations on the trails.

Interesting articles inform about peace movements, important events and meaningful peace institutions of past and contemporary significance.

All in all the trails promote a complex understanding of peace and generate reflections on a concept that presents itself as active engagement in civil society. The peace trails combine exploration of rather unknown parts of the city with acquiring knowledge about relevant dynamic aspects of democratic societies. Buildings and locations gain new meanings. The aim of this project Discover Peace in Europe is to create stronger awareness of the importance of critical participation and of the relevance of civil rights movements.

Spazieren auf den Spuren des Friedens: Die Universit f angewandte Kunst in Wien entwarf anlslich des Beginns des Ersten Weltkrieges vor 100 Jahren einen “Friedensweg” durch die


Neben sechs weiteren Grotten – Berlin, Budapest, Den Haag, Manchester, Paris und Turin – nimmt Wien an dem europschen Projekt “Discover Peace in Europe teil. Eine Smartphone-App frt vom Palais Lieben-Auspiez am Universitsring, wo Berta Zuckerkandl bei ihren legenden Salons Kstler und Freidenker um sich versammelte, er das Wohnhaus von
Friedensnobelpreistrerin Bertha von Suttner in der Zedlitzgasse bis zur UNO-City in Kagran.

Erfnet wurde die Friedenstour vergangenen Freitag mit der
“Wish-tree-Kunstaktion, die sich auf das “Imagine peace-Projekt der Kstlerin und Witwe von John Lennon, Yoko Ono, bezieht. An den jeweiligen Stationen in Wien luden Studenten Passanten dazu ein, ihre Wsche zum Thema Frieden aufzuschreiben und an Friedensbmchen zu hgen.

capture discoverpeace wien

capture discoverpeace wien


It was opened peace tour last Friday with the “Wish-tree” art action, relying on the “Imagine Peace” project of the artist and widow of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, refers. At the respective stations in Vienna students invited passers-by to write down their wishes on the subject of peace and peace to hang on trees.


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