“La Donna nel Novecento”

ince yesterday morning in Reggio, you can admire the historical and philatelic exhibition “The Woman in the twentieth century. Emancipation, art, culture and science “, located at the Exhibition Space of the items in Street Miraglia. On the occasion of the forthcoming March 8, the day of Women’s Day, the A ssociation Cultural Anassilao s, in collaboration with the Branch, queen of the Italian Post Office, headed by the Picciocch Carolina, paid tribute to the many female presences that have become famous throughout the twentieth century.

You pass by the women of Italy, celebrated in stamps issued by Italy and San Marino (remember the latter for the series’ actors variety of “stand where Wanda Osiris and Delia Scala), the stamps dedicated to cinema and theater, with the most famous actresses in the U.S. and Europe (including Gina Lollobrigida and Anna Magnani), regarding the music industry, the stars of the show also the greatest interpreters of French music, American and Italian ((this Mina, the only singer slight remembered from Italy on the 50th of “Tintarella of the Moon” and Yoko Ono, who appears along with the great John Lennon in a series of Gibraltar). remember the great Marie Curie and the equally great Rita Levi Montalcini, icons of the world science, the dancers Margot Fonteyn and Isadora Duncan and other women of literature, poetry and fiction.

The exhibition also provides space for women of the twentieth century who ruled their countries: Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto, the leader of India and Pakistan tragically died as a result of the attacks, Golda Meir, the Israeli prime minister who ruled his country during the Yom Kippur War, and then again to Italy, Nilde Jotti, for Sweden Anna Lindh, the foreign minister assassinated in Stockholm, for Argentina, the still mythical figure of Evita Duarte Peron, Greece Melina Mercouri , actress and culture minister who instituted the “European Capital of Culture”.

They could not miss the sovereign queens and queens consorts, as the Regina Elena, Maria Jose, “Queen of May”, the queens of the Netherlands, a nation governed from 1898 to 2013 by female figures, Denmark and Great Britain, still governed by the sovereign, Margaretha of Denmark and Queen Elizabeth II.

It also pays homage to the female figures that have filled the newspapers for their tragic end, Grace Kelly, renowned actress and later Princess of Monaco, to Lady Diana Spencer.

Each of these icons is remembered in Reggio show with your branded value, except for some famous women of Calabria, known in the field of poetry, of music, of faith, which are also present in the exhibition thanks to the choice of philatelic stamps related to their place of birth and their activities.



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