An Unforgettable Afternoon With John Lennon, Thanks To Hard Rock’s Newly Unearthed Interview

On soundcloud, includes transcripts. Wow.

On December 2nd, Lennon, his new girlfriend Yoko Ono, Hindle and his tape recorder-weilding friend Daniel gathered in the Beatles glassed-in sun room for six hours of conversation that touched on everything from politics, macrobiotic cooking, success, songwriting, and even a potential tour in 1969. Perhaps disarmed by the youth of his interviewer, or perhaps simply tired of giving a damn, its Lennon unfiltered, unapologetic, and unrelenting. As a historical document its invaluable, and for anyone who loves the band, its incredible.

The multi-hour audio tapes of the interview were acquired by Hard Rock in 1987, who lovingly restored and unveiled them for all to hear on the 50th anniversary of the Fab Fours first visit to the U.S. Now for the very first time, you can listen to this long lost interview in its entirety on Hard Rocks website, as well as read full transcripts, insightful commentary, and peruse a gallery of memorabilia. For those of us who werent lucky enough to spend a leisurely afternoon chatting with the rock icon, this warm and candid recording is the next best thing.

The unpublished John Lennon interview Maurice Hindle conducted on December 2 nd , 1968 at Lennon?s Kenwood home is truly an important historical document as it one of the most reve a ling interviews where Lennon conve ys his most inner thoughts and feeling s , something he had not really done up to that point . After the breakup of the Beatles, Lennon actively gave interviews speaking his mind , but Hi ndle?s fascinating, in – depth and open interview was done at a time when , in Lennon?s mind , he was still very much a Beatle.


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