“Diamond Leaves”


Booklyn Artists Alliance and the Museum of Printing History in Houston are proud to present the American premiere of “Diamond Leaves”, the major international artists book exhibition first curated by Marshall Weber and Xu Bing at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing.

Specifically designed for the Museum of Printing History, this current version of the exhibition, titled “Diamond Leaves: Printing in Progress”, showcases 24 masterpieces of the artists book form created by a diverse international group of more than 30 artists. These artists approach the creation of artists books as an interdisciplinary and multi-media practice, producing books whose complicated aesthetics push the boundaries of book design far beyond conventional form and function. Just as photography liberated painting from its documentary function late in the 19th century, digital media has liberated the book from the burden of operating as a vehicle for text and data, spurring the renaissance of creative bookmaking celebrated by this exhibition.

Featuring large-scale artists books and prints, including scrolls, accordion folds, unbound portfolios, and a 3-D printed book, the exhibition focuses on the vital role of contemporary printmaking in the 21st-century emergence of the book as a fine art form.

Featured artists included Ryoko Adachi, Japan; Tom Burtonwood, USA; Wolfgang Buchta, Austria; Francesco Clemente, USA; Lesley Dill, USA; Colette Fu, USA; Christian Gfeller and Anna Hellsgard, Germany; Candace Hicks, USA; Justseeds/CultureStrike, Canada/Mexico/USA; Clemens-Tobias Lange, Germany; Yoko Ono, USA; Eliana Perez, USA; Favrianna Rodriguez, USA; David Sandlin, USA; Aaron Sinift, USA; Dana Smith, USA; and Xu Bing, China.

Diamond Leaves: Printing in Progress
February 20, 2014
May 17, 2014
The Museum of Printing History
1324 W. Clay Street
Houston, Texas 77019


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