Yoko Ono translates ‘Sukiyaki’ hit song into English for new release


Yoko Ono translates Sukiyaki hit song into English for new release

February 20, 2014


To mark the 50th anniversary since “Sukiyaki” sizzled to the top of the U.S. pop charts, artist Yoko Ono has translated the Japanese lyrics into English for a new version.

British pop singer Olly Murs sang Ono’s translated version at the Akasaka Britz live house in Tokyo’s Akasaka district on Feb. 18 for the first time in public.

Ono said she wanted to convey the meaning of the original lyrics after being asked to do so by the eldest son of the late composer of the song.

I have accepted the request (to translate the song into English), hoping the songs spirit will encourage the people of the world, she said.



One comment

  1. I remember Sukiyaki very well – I had the 45 RPM and wore it out playing the record over and over. Had no clue what he was singing about but I liked the way it sounded. Marsha


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