KICKSTARTER : John Lennon Give Peace A Chance Book

Ends in a few hours.

John Lennon Give Peace A Chance Book

by Roy Kerwood

A limited 1st edition set for publication June 2014 A collectors book, of my experiences and photos. You can have signed copies

The Story

At the age of 18 I was able to be JOHN LENNON’s photographer for a week.

I will publish a book a coffee table book with all my pictures of the Bed In Montreal 1969. I will have stories to accompany the images of what exactly happened in John’s bed room while I was there.

The Budget

I will Publish an 8 x 10 Hard cover book of 18-20 pages with glossy reprints of my images a well as explanations on how is in the image and what was going on.

I am writing the text myself but I will need a good editor to help as this is my First book!

I will need to hire an editor and I will publish 1000 copies on the 1st edition I will need your

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