IMA WO IKIRU – update / correction

Yoko just confirmed to me that her upcoming book is from her interactions on social networks with her Japanese fans , she added that their questions are quite different from the ones sent to her on English networks. Yoko also pointed out that it is called IMA WO IKIRU ( my initial posting was incorrect) and she translated this title as LIVING THE NOW. But “that is only an approximation, the expression has a way cooler meaning which is not translatable”, she told me via email.

Yoko Ono’s new book “𐶂Ima Wo Ikiru” written in Japanese will be published by Shuei International on February 5, 2014.

Contents of the book:
́@Chapter 1 u𐶂 Living in the Moment
́@Chapter 2 unvizj CreationiImaginationj
́@Chapter 3 uWv John
́@Chapter 4 uv Death
́@Chapter 5 uv Love


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