Da New York a San Francisco con Alice Lizza su RAI3


Da New York a San Francisco con Alice Lizza su RAI3
Pescara – Un coast-to-coast per un confronto generazionale, tra beatnik e nativi digitali.
05.01.14 09:57
By Redcan


Pescara – “GO!” is about America between the beats and the byte generation, a documentary in six episodes that narrate the journey across the continent and of the great myths of the American Dream, where Alice Lizza goes on the road and discovers the interactions, the free expression

From January 14 on RAI-3 you will be able to retrace the 10,000 km of GO! in six episodes: New York, Chicago and Route 66, Arizona and Ojai, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Six episodes, many rumors, stories of intense life, including hitchhikers, tattoo artists, Indian, photographers, artists, poets and writers, rebels.

In the first episode: New York and Pittsburgh. The centerpiece of the seminal thought of the beats between Greenwich Village and Columbia University traces the history of the counterculture with David Fenton, photographer of the American rock scene of the ’60s and pr during the antiwar movement and the black panters, now engaged in raising awareness to protect the environment and the world energy system alongside Yoko Ono and important leaders in the world. Richard Giraldi of b.reel byte tells us the spirit of innovation and research across the web

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Three clips :


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