War Is Over – interview with Rachel Kent

Superb interview with Rachel Kent, curator of Yoko’s show in Australia.

Yoko Ono’s War is Over (If You Want It) is at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney until the 23rd of February


And from there we were able to work with the floor plans and start mapping things out in a concrete way, but also she wanted to know how we could make this specific to Australia, and relevant and meaningful to our audiences. So you’ll see that there are quite a few pieces in the work that are new iterations for Sydney. For example there’s the wish tree for Sydney on the sculpture terrace, which incorporates native Eucalyptus saplings. There’s also a really iconic work of hers, which is the Chess installation (pictured at the top of this article), Play it by Trust, and we’ve made a new version of that. It’s inspired by the architecture of the Opera House – from its curvature to the checkerboard tiles of the sails, which relate to the chess board itself. So I had a local construction team and an architect create that work here.


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