The Melvins Jamming with Yoko Ono

FUN! I would like to hear Sean do Y. 9).

Jamming with Yoko Ono

We got a call one day from Russell Simins, the drummer from The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. So, he was like, Hey. Im gonna be in town for a few days. Im out on the road right now playing with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon and they got this band and this song influenced by you guys, totally. Make no bones about it, its their Melvins song. Simins then goes on to say, Weve been doing this tour where weve had musicians that we like come out and play with us and we want to know if you guys would come out and play this song. We were like, Yeah. Of course.

People from the Jesus Lizard and Sonic Youth had done stuff with them live and so we were like, Sure, that would be great. So a day before the show, we met up with Russell and Sean and a bass player. Yoko wasnt there but we went down to their rehearsal space and Sean was like, Okay, heres how its gonna work, heres how the song goes and then my mom is gonna do this stuff. So he starts imitating what his mom does and it sounds just like herit was crazy.


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