Interesting. Or not ? Also to be found it on FB. What I get is that I am very ignorant of Iceland’s history and culture, so I can’t even begin to parse this long missive.

Who is Haukur Hilmarsson ?


No Yoko, No Yoko
An open letter to Yoko Ono
Words by Haukur Hilmarsson
Dear Yoko, as my hometown hosts your artwork ‘Imagine Peace Tower’ and the ‘Lennon-Ono Peace Awards’ ceremony, I feel compelled to offer some constructive criticism.

I never liked militarism. At one point, when I was about 14, I was fascinated with the way you and John campaigned against it. Not anymore. You made a few good points, but I fear that many of your actions have critically skewed and ridiculed the subject and that they will continue to do so until you seriously rethink your entire approach.

Your official theories on the nature of conflict, which are wrong, have rendered your rhetoric uninformative and politically spineless. Ignoring Icelands history, its local dissidents and peace-movement, you have given a number of heavily corrupted industrialists and officials a chance to clean up their image at the same time as you’ve reinforced and promoted some deplorable misconceptions regarding Icelandic society.


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